July 7, 2023

Darnell & Haley


D & H Wedding At Willow Acres

Where to even begin!
Something so truly beautiful about wedding days is seeing how the couple makes it uniquely there’s. There about a million different ideas and concepts out there for your wedding day and being able to specially curate and plan your day is so fun for me as a photographer to witness and capture.

Haley + Darnell’s day was no different. From an emotional first look where they share private vows, foot washing during the ceremony (which had me in tears because the love and adoration they had for one another and God was so beautiful), to the reception + speeches that clearly showed how loved these two were.

And of course, golden hour, which turned out wasn’t so golden means more fun photos!! At this point in the day the adrenaline has carried you through and it’s the perfect moment to spend with your new spouse and say “wow this is incredible, we made it!!” And this vintage truck truly tied it all together with some loving, a little bit spicy ;) photos!!

Love this couple + this day so so much!!

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